Kilim area rugs or flatwoven rugs represent a tremendous opportunity for the amateur decorator and the professional interior designer.

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Kilim area rugs are typically less expensive than pile rugs and the reversible lightweight quality also lends itself to wall hanging and accenting. The simple, authentic technique of interlocking strands of wool, hair, or vegetable fibers to form a flat woven product developed from the basic need of the earliest civilizations and actually pre-dates carpet making.

1. Floor Surfaces

Kilim years! area rugs look good on any floor surface from neutral wall-to-wall carpet to hardwood to rough flagstone. On certain surfaces, a sturdy rug pad will aid safety and durability.

In Western homes with open floor plans, kilim area rugs are best displayed in the center of the space unhampered by New furniture or furnishings. For this purpose, kilims with a central design and a formalized border are ideal. For a more informal option, smaller pieces can be used to break up a room into smaller intimate areas. The thin structure makes them ideal for linking two rooms wholesale mlb jerseys under a doorway. Ultimately, it is not the size posuere of the kilim that will dominate the room but the choice of pattern and color. Vibrant pieces with bold designs often hold their own in larger spaces while softer more intricate wholesale nfl jerseys design in faded hues work well in seldom used areas. Ultimately, the impression of visual warmth will be determined by the amount of light that the room receives.

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2. Wall Hangings

Looking straight at a wall hanging rather than across it on the floor changes the composition and colors for the viewer; Unpacking a factor that can be very attractive. Again, considering the square foot price of a 3×5 kilim to that of a 3×5 oil painting one gets a lot more “bang for the buck” with an original handmade textile. The rich nuanced colors of a vegetal dyed rug combined with its crude tribal elements makes a bold statement cheap mlb jerseys wherever it is placed. Take care to measure the space as wholesale nba jerseys rugs hung on a wall are often much larger than they appear on the floor. Smaller LED or Halogen bulbs are typically fine as they produce very little damaging UV light.

3. Decorative Furnishings

Kilim rugs can add a beautiful splash of color to a room even if they do not reside on the floor or a wall.

In their countries or origin, kilims are used to provide a clean environment on tables, drawer chests and chairs by draping them over furniture. As reversible flatweaves they can be effectively tucked, folded and overlapped to accommodate a wide range of surfaces. Larger pieces can be used to upholster chair and couch sets for a more formal matching look. Finally, kilim pillows are a versatile way to tie together fabric, artwork and other design elements in even the most formal settings.

Until recently, Kilims have been been considered the poor stepchild to the Oriental knotted rug. The majority of books and so-called experts dismissed the Kilim as an inferior simple tribal product but today there has been an explosion of interest in these Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys vibrant flatweaves as decorative, utilitarian and collectible items.

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  1. Big fan of area rugs!! We have quite a few in my home and they’re a wonderful addition especially with all the different styles and designs that are possible.

  2. Beautiful rugs and an amazing idea! I love how you decorate like those in the images posted. Thank you for sharing this post!
    John |

  3. We just got some area rugs for our office. They definitely add a nice touch to any room, and help a lot with hard floors like concrete or wood.

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