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June 28, 2016

A slice of history: Oriental Area rugs

The best Oriental rugs made today are more beautiful and of better quality than any made in the past 80 years.

Handmade oriental rugs are beautiful and durable

If you are taking time to read this, Congratulations! You are living during the Renaissance of a great new carpet weaving era!

Area cheap NBA jerseys Rug buyers often operate under the assumption that ….. Antique rugs are more valuable than new rugs. “Proven Survivors” of sunlight, stains, pets and parties. Most American rug collectors and home decorators Alice perceive an inherent beauty in the soft colors and polished wool of old rugs. They have found new rugs graphically uninspiring and too brightly colored for serious design.

Beginning in the 1920’s and due to the outbreak of two World Wars and one Cold War, weavers gradually abandoned traditional practices such as hand spinning and hand carding. With the cheap nfl jerseys rising cost of materials, they sheared wool from dead sheep. Garish mass-produced pigments replaced traditional vegetal dyes and overall workmanship suffered as a department store mentality took over the country. With the advent of high-speed broadloom factories, many Americans simply abandoned Oriental rugs altogether in favor of wall-to-wall carpet.

Oriental rug weaving has recently come full circle. Using 20th Century technology, skilled weavers are once again producing website classic rugs that have not been rivaled since the late 19th Century. The decline that began in the 20’s and lasted into the 1990’s has been replaced by a period of remarkable creativity and a Times return to traditional rug weaving techniques.

Vegetal-dyed pigments are now widely accessible to many weavers; not just wealthy custom workshops. Access to high-quality wool from healthy live sheep is used in even the most basic hand knotted rugs. Because of these techniques, some experts today cannot tell the difference between a new cheap NFL jerseys rug and a great old rug. New rugs update are actually much less expensive in the market place than their antique counterparts and they contain none Solutions of the hidden repairs, stains and rot of old rugs so buyers can purchase with confidence.

Rug makers are not bound to the traditional designs that their older counterparts were so as a result, we can choose from thousands of inspirational new designs that the previous generation could never imagine.

Have a look at the new Tibetan carpet in this image made by New Moon. I’m confident that in 100 years or so, experts will consider this rug to be among the best of any generation.

 Own a piece of valuable history for your home! If your in the market for a unique handmade oriental area rug, drop us a line or give us a call at 303-679-4447. We have free shipping, installation and just a great environment to choose Art for your floor!

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